About Us

Here is a write-up by one of my fans, I could not have said it any better…

SLOstringer, is a young man (yes, he is just one guy) who loves listening to his scanner and getting current information out to his community.  No, he does not have any law enforcement, journalism, or other public service background.  You may call him a freelance journalist, but he prefers the term stringer.  He does not get paid to do any of this, but he purchases good quality cameras and a lot of other equipment.  He even bought a used truck recently to help him get into places that he could not before.  He has a full-time job and often takes unpaid vacation to bring us the news we so desperately crave.

The biggest difference I see with his online reporting channel is the atmosphere.  I always tell people that the majority of comments seem to be supportive as opposed to the attacking nature that has unfortunately become the norm.  Now, of course, this is not 100%, but it is definitely fair enough to say it.  Yes, he will delete a comment every once in a while.  However, this is only to enforce what is appropriate and only when absolutely necessary.  For example, I have seen him leave a very negative comment that was written about him alone where I know that others would have deleted it without a second thought.

When SLOstringer began, I feel that he did things right.  He went around and met many of the law enforcement agencies, fire departments, and so on.  I am always amazed when a city department comments on one of his posts instead of updating their own site.  This tells me that they realize more people will get the information via SLOstringer and they are actually concerned about getting the message out.

Many people want to know who the man is.  I must say that I agree with his choice to not publish his personal information.  No, he does not hide.  He will be happy to shake anyone’s hand and always wears a nametag at every scene.  We all have to remember that one of his stories may upset some people and, since he does not have the support of a larger organization, does not have the resources to protect himself, his family, or his friends.  It is for these reasons that he chooses to not broadcast his name in a medium that lives forever.

I mentioned above that he does not get paid.  This does not mean that he does not want to get paid.  He hopes that his articles or pictures may someday be purchased by the mainstream news media or for other uses.  In fact, I know of one story he covered last year where the Associated Press purchased his write-up and its supporting photo.  I like to remind everyone that even though an image is on FaceBook, it does not mean that you should download it, make it your background, or even print it out.  Please show respect to the copyright holder and get permission first.

SLOstringer will never say this, but I consider SLOstringer one of the largest assets to our community.  He brings us important information in an untarnished, raw, and open format.  He leaves it up to us to determine what we feel about each situation and make our own conclusions.  Thank you SLOstringer!

— Anonymous